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SMALL BIZ SATURDAY 50% OFF Small/Micro Biz/Content Creator Legal Start Up Template kit (DISCOUNT) (copy)

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Small or Micro Biz/Content Creator Legal Start Up Template Kit

Running an ecommerce shop or creating content as a business as a blogger, vlogger, YouTuber, podcaster, Instagrammer or other infuencer part time or full time and earning money from these ventures require you to get a handle of the legal obligations and be able to manage your blog, protect it legally, and promote it. Having legal templates, content management documents and other forms are essential. Use the documents in this kit to keep you organized and growing. Customize them, print them out and keep them in an organized binder. It will be a God send come tax time as well.

Legal Templates

A Sample Work for Hire Agreement

Use this document when contracting work from web site builders to logo developers or anyone helping you build your presence visually where you intent that the final product be owned by you outright

A Sample Joint Venture Agreement

Use this agreement when you decide to partner with another person, business, group or organization on an ongoing basis or for a long term project or partnership.

A Sample Copyright Infringement Cease and Desist Letter

Use this letter to alert someone or an entity you discover is using your content without prior authorization. This letter lets the infringer know you are aware of their violation and your rights and should help get the infringer to remove your intellectual property or start discussions on future possible legal action from you.

A Sample Non Dislosure Agreement

Use this agreement when you are sharing an idea, concept, business plan that you do not want the receiver of the information to share with others or develop on his/her own without your involvement. Note that a lot of companies or orgs that are large and influential may not sign or may have you sign a version prepared by their attorney

A Sample Sponsorship Pitch Letter

Use this the solicit a brand or company to sponsor your blog, YouTube channel, podcast, event or website.

A DMCA/Trademark Violation Take Down Request Letter

Use this letter to request that someoned using your trademark or other digital content online without your approval and/or prior authorizationn to take it down.


I am a veteran attorney and I currently manage my own Digital Publishing company and online learning platform called the Digital Publishing Academy where I train transitioning professionals who want to create online content or to launch, grow and scale their new digital ventures, whether a blog, YouTube channel, podcast, eCommerce store and more. I also run several blogs and co-own a stock photography company.

This tooklit helps content creators searching for help and assistance with getting organized and staying on track as they go from hobby to professional content creator.

This shop is for the lean entrepreneur who cannot yet afford to hire a team of lawyers, a marketing manager, a social media manager and digital strategist and have to do-it-themselves.

All items are customizable and are drop and go!


I have been an online content creator for over 20 years and in fact created and curated content at the University of Maryland's Office of Technology in 1992 when the Internet was just one year old. I have spent over two decades through trial and error building several online ventures and launching successful, well-trafficked, and award-winning blogs and websites.

Over those years, I've relied on certain forms, templates, themes, planners that make the process of growing, launching, protecting and scaling an online business, blog, ecommerce site or biz site. Many people have asked for these items and I've decided to put them in an online shop.

There is no value in re-inventing the wheel and starting from scratch or doing it yourself. The templates and forms will save you time, money, stress and aggravation.

To help my customers navigate the online, blogging and content creation, curation and marketing biz, I'm including a tool kit I created of 140 resource links. I'm a learning junkie and love to read informative articles, watch instructional webinars, and learning from the best. In this kit, you'll find tons of links to all the information you will ever need to get started and excel.

I've searched the internet, YouTube and other online resources and realized that there is no one out there offering these must-have and often-requested items.

You can customize all of the items easily by just dropping your information and personal details in place of the templates.

***** Reviews******Here is what people have said about my products *****************

"... is value-packed with usable content" - Heather Fahlman. Social Media Manager. HomesinWinnipeg.com


"The materials help me get a handle on my online marketing effort as I work on growing my photography business. I’m using these tips to help me create more income options online. I’m selling prints of my work and anticipate bringing in higher revenues." - Lauren McBroom, Photographer/Social Media Manager, LM Photography/Area-201


The material offers "helpful strategies to slowly build your brand without being overwhelmed." - Neneh Diallo, Career Strategist, Life Coach, Blogger, Stiletto Moms Coaching


The info was "replete with low-cost or free resources that are both user-friendly and easy to integrate into my blog. I’m already thinking about which I’m going to use." Kim Wei, Founder, The Kim Wei website


"I learned more about the fundamentals of blogging in 1 hr than I did in 7years." - Nicole Commissiong, Blogger, Mum-In-Motion; Co-Founder, On the Pathway Series


File Format

- Microsoft Word (.docx) file

- US Letter

- 140 Resource Links Toolkit/Guide

- Fast and friendly customer service for any help you may need

* Templates are do-it-yourself. You will simply replace your information in place of my text. My language can be substituted and used as a guide



- All headings

- Body text

- Colors

- Icon colors + size

- Fonts, font size + font color

- Add or delete sections

- Choose the number of pages



1. Your own personal computer. If using a tablet/iPad or public/work computer, check to see that you have the ability to install fonts before purchasing.

2. Microsoft Word and Powerpoint or Mac Pages, any year/version.

Get a free trial of Microsoft Word here --> http://products.office.com/en-us/try

3. Unzipping software such as Winzip or 7zip to open up the zip file you will download. This zip file contains all of the necessary documents to get you started!

Download either free and safely here:

Winzip --> http://www/winzip.com/prod_down.html

7zip --> http://www.7-zip.org/

4. Basic computer knowledge and familiarity with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Mac Pages.

  • Joint Venture Agreement, A Sample Work for Hire Agreement, NDA, Work For Hire Agreement, Sample Pitch Letter, Cease & Desist Letter, DMCA TakeDown Request, Copyright Violation Letter

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  • Joint Venture Agreement, A Sample Work for Hire Agreement, NDA, Work For Hire Agreement, Sample Pitch Letter, Cease & Desist Letter, DMCA TakeDown Request, Copyright Violation Letter
  • Size30 KB
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SMALL BIZ SATURDAY 50% OFF Small/Micro Biz/Content Creator Legal Start Up Template kit (DISCOUNT) (copy)

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